Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saas-Bahu quarrels,Senior Junior ragging,Birthday parties

The title seems to be strange at first sight with no apparent relation with any of the above 3 situations with each other,but the greatest philosopher alive(by default,thats me) has noticed a strange behaviour of the human psyche common with all these three events.Now let us start with what prompted me to start this topic.

I have been met with many questions as to why iam against parties.This is an answer.

Yesterday was one of those usual lazy saturdays that started of for me at 12 noon.Without brushing my teeth,i had my lunch,came back and then brushed my teeth and was watching some movie on laptop.Then one of my good friends said they were all going to chandigarh as he along with 10 others was throwing a party.....He and I both knew I was not going to come as I had taken a vow that I will not attend any parties and will not throw any parties to either celebrate success or overcome failure...... but still he asked me as a matter of convention .Many asked me the reason for that as to why i took that vow to which I gave no one a proper reason,but i will list all those reasons in the end.So as usual i dint go with them but went to chandigarh nevertheless eo watch RAKHT CHARITRA(after all Ramu's comeback film) and came back all by myself.Mind you its a very good film,do watch it.

So i came back and started watching my film on the laptop.Ny the time the movie finished the party returned..............So now it was time for to how much was the bill at KFC,DOMINOS,etc etc................who paid how as far as statistics went
30,000INR total expenditure
6500INR for movie tickets
23500INR for food,drinks etc.............

so each party thrower had to pay 2900INR towards this event.Iam not going eo write here the reaction of the hosts as that would mean evasion of privacy and confidentiality but let me tell you my opinion on the whole episode

Each head ate for 350INR and the worth of each ticket is 100INR............leaving the movie ticket thing aside

each person ate for Rs350,So normalizing everything it implies each person ate an 8pc chicken bucket and for those who have not eaten it so far,let me tell you even the monster called Sreeram can't do it without stuffing his oesophagus.

Why iam saying all this calculation is when i go out with people for dinner(each paying his own share),people hardly eat for more than rs 150 and assholes like me eat for 200rs max be it KFC or Hotel sahil or LILY's.

So eating for Rs 350 implies either starvation or something else
Starvation is out of context,so i began searching for reasons.

Then i came to the conclusion that the answer lies in the human psyche itself.Average party goers mentality
1.It is coming for free,so stuff as much as you can,once in a month oppurtunity
2.Iam not paying the money
3.Lets take the costliest one.
4.All these buggers ate like garangutans on my birthday,so lets load him as well

Of all these i would like to highlight the last one,i think that aspect of human psyche is common to ragging and saas bahu sagas as well.

We respected our seniors,we did all that was told, so our juniors should do the same
We respected our saas,we did all that was told, so our bahu should do the same

humans feel it is their time to win from the other side of the game and this for me shows deep rooted sadism.So now the reasons i dont give parties is

1.I value money, both mine as well as others.So i wont load anyone and i dont want anyone to load me.
2.Iam not so rich to throw parties worth 3000rs everytime.
3.I hate to entertain people whose main aim is to load just for the only reason that IT IS FREE.
4.People who think twice for drinking a coffee worth rs 5 in fuelzap,if they dont think once before drinking a coffee of rs 110 at some posh hi fi bakery,i see no reason why i shud pay that bill

Note:Though the criticism does not refer to everyone,i stand by the general nature of criticism

And iam not a person washed by milk(doodh se dhula)my character is even worse and i will write abt them in the next post

Great person is not the one without shortcomings but the one who does not fear to accept them-sreeram(just felt like it)
ex-mahatma gandhi


dhawal said...

true..!!! very true indeed..!! But the thing is " sacrifice is only made by two kinds of people - those who find everything as moh-maya & those who care more about others than themselves"

suman kumar said...

@dhawal u r missing one more type of person haaa ha "suman type" bus bday party lena janta hai ..dena nahi ...
@sreeram well said .....
kuch aur likhunga to controversy ho jayegi.........

chhavi said...

vry true!!!
but this is what is human tendency
vry few ppl think abt this ...

ThePraveen said...

@ SreeRam : I think u were not like this from the beginning. Can these "party throwers and acceptors" know, what changed you ?
I m just asking u like this only. Arey I mean... u r getting na what i m trying to say. matlab bas aise hi.

Deepika said...

its true... but many ppl deny to accept it.