Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh ji .......suniye..................Haan ji foot

Just a few days back,i was on my usual late night debating session with some of my friends. We generally take about a lot of shit right from food in the mess to common wealth games.Then someone started the topic of marriage(natural,for a gf starved lot),and after a whirlwind of things being discussed the topic came to the qualities expected in your wife.Since most of you know the people in our hostel,iam not revealing their names but this is what he had to say...........

IITian 1: My wife should be beautiful,respect my parents and me(parivaar ka khyaal rakhna crap) and be a house wife.

sreeam: Why housewife?

IITian : I dont like women going around and working,it looks odd to me

Sreeram:Why does it look odd to you?

IITian:Dont know ,whenever i think of women i remeber kitchen,children,cooking....earning is for the men lot.

He also added that he would not like it if his wife called him by his name..........he wanted his wife to refer to him as "oh ji............haan ji"etc kinda usual shit.

Now lets go to IITIAN 2

IITian 2: I would not mind if my wife is working.......but she should not be earning more than me because that will make me lose control over her........I want her to be under limits set by me and you can't do that when she earns more.And moreover i will lose respect in my community.

Now there were lot of other comments put in by others,some like the above two,someone against it,some in between and so on.........

But I want to highlight the following above two comments
Both are IITians,the best brains in the country.............But still they could not accept the fact that wife/women in general is no way inferior to them.

Actually i wanted to highlight the gender bias but an doing this through the concept of Wife...........

In India however forward we become economically,we still lag behind in our social stature...............Of course our epics and whatever was written even before 100s of years respected the woman but they typecasted and stereotyped the Indian woman,so anyone faltering from the path is termed SLUT or randi.

A seedha saadha girl is termed innocent and backward and a modern girl with rebellious views is called A BITCH by this society.

Our society has set boundaries for woman and anyone crossing that boundaries is an outcast

Even in BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM parminder nagra(jasminder aka jess) while speaking to a photo of beckham questions...........Why is it that girls should return back home early for help and boys needn't,its so unfair

some more dialogues from the same to highlight this issue

"who would want a daughter in law who kicks football all day and can't make round chappatties"
I mean are woman entities being prepared for an exam called marriage or something....DONT THEY HAVE GOALS....ASPIRATIONS............LIKES...............DISLIKES

Its high time we give woman their due and make them enjoy freedom as much as the boys do.the freedom should be in limits based on situation and not gender

AND FOR GOD'S SAKE NO "HAAN JI BOLIYE" and "oh ji suniye" crap again


bluef00t said...

i like it when you talk some sense.. very nicely written.

Shubham said...

i always admire your style of writing.... and this one is no different. i feel that not everyone is strong enough to face the society... not everyone is lyk you...but some demand are trully Oh ji...type is asking for too much

dhawal said...

very nicely written...!!! and yeah..the fact is true..!! Its quite hard for the guys to digest an equal wife..!!

suman kumar said...

sreeram ...tune puri baat to likhi nahi ..haa..meri baato ka matlab ye nahi tha ki bus ladki ko ghar me bithao aur aage aane ka mauka mat do ..maine sirf ye kaha tha ki i like gharelu girls ..bus...
waise kaun khehta hai ki ghar sambhalna sambhalna ..baache sambhalna..ghar me hue kharcho ko dekhna aur monitor karna asan hai ????
ek aacha parivar kabhi bhi ek kushal (intelligent) aurat ke bina nahi chal sakta..bus main chahta tha ki wo intelligence wo ghar chalane me lagaye na ki bahar office jaa kar ..ok......