Wednesday, December 26, 2012

RAPE - The pinnacle of moral degradation

India woke up on 17th Dec 2012 to a horrendous news. A girl was gang raped in a moving bus by a group of six beasts who later tortured her in ways that would put the entire humanity and even wild beasts to shame. I am extremely sad and depressed imagining what that woman would have gone through and is currently going through and I can't help in anyway except feel sad about it. Extreme Sympathies and hope her a speedy recovery physically and more importantly psychologically.

What surprised me was, the country woke up from its coma. People condemned the ghastly act on facebook, shared photos, called for castration as a punishment, complained about government, yet others like me wrote blogs and some students continued to organize protests as i write this article. In the coming paragraphs, i try to analyze each of them and the role of each in the larger scheme of things. Some things I heard were the following:

1. It happens only in India
People were very angry. Facebook was flooded with messages about the plight of women in India. They said India is the only country where such things are allowed to happen. I tried to verify the statistics(however skewed they may be).

USA, UK, South Africa, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, The Carribean Islands and many such countries have much higher recorded evidences of Rape up to the tune of roughly 20 cases of Rape/1akh population.

The Corresponding figures in India are 1.8 cases/1 lakh population.(Reported). Even assuming that only 1 in 10 cases is reported and every case in the above mentioned countries is reported, the instances in India are not even half of the above mentioned countries.

I haven't given the statistics of African Countries which are far worse, but countries like USA,UK and the Scandinavian countries which are thought of as the most progressed of places have a far worse rate than India.

Analysis: Rape is not confined to India. Even countries which are perceived to have a high regard for women and their rights are no better of.

2. It's the fault of the government
I completely agree that the government would be at fault if the investigation is hampered or the legal proceedings and other technicalities are not adhered to.

But, I fail to understand how one can blame the government for the occurrence of such an incident. The best the government could do is have police patrolling the city in the night at select points. It obviously can't have a bodyguard for every woman. The point I am trying to make is that it is remotely inhumane to expect government to be responsible for everything that goes wrong.

Iam not saying that the government is never at fault, but when a neighbor rapes a woman, or a father repeatedly rapes his daughter over years, or a woman is drugged around the corner of a street, there is nothing much a government can do except to nab the culprits as fast as possible and punish them but again that is hardly any compensation to the victim.

3. "Don't tell a daughter how to dress, tell a son how to behave"
This is a point many people are stressing on these days. A very valid point. A point which cannot be argued against. I remember a statement of Dinesh Reddy, DGP ,Andhra Pradesh
He said " Proacative dresses might be a reason for increase in incidence of rape".
The media as usual blew it out of proportion. I personally felt the blowing up part was absolutely un-necessary. I felt nothing wrong about the DGP's statement
How I would like to put the same thing is "Tell your daughter to dress appropriately because not everyone tell their son to behave properly"

I know I would be receiving a lot of flak for this stance of mine. I am not denying a woman's right to dress and neither do I judge a woman or her character by a dress. And I am definitely not saying that dress is an invitation to rape. Even people in burkha might get raped. But the point Iam trying to make is inappropriate dress attracts inappropriate attention. There is no denying this fact. It is a natural human tendency. Most people know where to draw a line with that intention. People who don't draw the line are likely to attempt/commit rape.

Even at 22, my mother tells me to not wander the streets at night and return to room as early as possible. Now how do I look at this stance of my mother "She is trying to infringe on my freedom" or "She just wants to assure my safety". The answer is quite obvious. And when i see parents advise girls about " appropriate dressing", I see it much the same way. I dont think there is any difference between what my mother is saying or what a particular girls parents are saying.

How many times have our parents told, " Dont roam on streets with gold on the body". Reason: It attracts undue attention and makes you more prone to attack/robbery. Same is the case with dressing. I see no difference.

Its not about male/female. Its about safety. And each time it makes that much more sense to be safe than sorry.

There would be other days when I wont have any money and robberer might attack me and a fully clad women might be attacked, but that does not take away the fact that inappropriateness attracts undue attention. It is always advisable to be safe first and debate on what is right later.

Death Penalty for Rapists
I completely agree that Rapists deserve nothing less than death. However one has to look into the consequences of such a thing. A rapist might end up killing the victim so as to minimize the chance of being identified later.
And going by the nature of crime, i am not sure but I think rape is seldom planned. It occurs due to momentary animal instincts of animal like humans, mostly in drunken state. In such a state, the rapist does not have a well functioning mind and is not sane enough. In such a state, i think a death penalty hardly acts as a deterrent.

I completely support death for rapists as a punishment, but i don't think the committer of the crime is sane enough for it to act as a deterrent. However, the safety of the victim stands as a question mark

Alcohol and Intoxication
I recently had the misfortune of witnessing how trippy people get when they get drunk. Though I have nothing against drinking as a habit, it is enormously obvious and undeniable fact that it reduces inhibhitions and evokes animal instincts in drunken people much more readily than sane ones. Significant percentage of rape cases are instances of either the victim or committer or both being intoxicated/drugged.

This brings us back to the point which I was discussing with a friend of mine. He said " No one should drink and women especially should never drink".
I asked him, " Are n't you being a sexist?".

His reply got me thinking and agreeing to what he said
" Sri Ram, A man is drunk and fell down on the road. Maximum that can happen to him is, he loses his money and gold on his body"

" The same thing happens to a woman and she is likely to be raped and the society we live in is not very sympathetic to allow a woman to live the same life as before the incident. We need not think ideally because the society isn't ideal. Ideally, the man and women should be equally vulnerable, but blame it on god or society, the fact is a woman is much more vulnerable and has got much more to lose".

There are have been many instances of a group of friends who drug a female friend and rape her. Whose mistake is it?

Definitely, it is the mistake of the friend group. But it is the victim who lost a lot. It was nowhere a fault of the victim, absolutely no fault from her side.

But the fact remains, if she were cautious it could have been avoided. I am not blaming her because she did not avoid it, but she could have.

So, what I want to say is, Intoxication awakens the animal in many and makes others more vulnerable. Be responsible with it and use caution even while with close friends( Both Male & Female)

What needs to be done ?
As I said, government has very little power. The best we can do is exercise caution to the extent possible and hope nothing goes wrong.

The police are also to be blamed in some instances. Eve teasing is considered a petty crime by many of them and the complaints are not taken seriously. The police should treat instances of eve teasing as a major offence and look and verify the complaint and take appropriate action.

Secondly, the mindset of the society has to change. If we look at the abuses in various Indian Languages, almost every abuse has something to do with sister, mother or a woman's private parts. We hardly find an abuse relating to father or brother which itself shows what respect we have for women

To quote a few in Hindi MC,BC,TMKC,TMKB,TBKL.
These are so popular that I don't need to expand their full forms and people can still recognize it.

How many times have we heard boys teasing other boys by saying " Ladki se haar gaya?? mar jaa saale"
It is quite common and so common that even I might have unconciously used it many times.

I am not saying, all such people commit rapes, but this imprints a feeling in all of us that women are weak and vulnerable and such an ideology at a young age is dangerous for a society.

Treat Your male and female children the same. Then the son will know how to treat his mother, wife, sister and the society in general.

On a slightly different note, we have seen instances of how strong female laws are misused in fake cases of domestic violence and dowry. So, even if the law is strong, proper verification have to be done into the claims, otherwise there is every chance of complete misuse of the law.

Finally, I, You and everyone can just hope....The social structures are so rigid that we can never be assured if anything will change at all.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Extremely Random Post

As I write this line, I have no idea what I intend to write about. I almost messed up 2 off my exams today and have 4 in the next 2 days. But off all days I chose today to make a comeback to my blog. My life has been quite happy actually from since time immemorial. Since, I don't get excited and depressed for small things and I haven't done any big thing so far, it has looked good.

The exchange people have come and campus has become all the more colorful especially if you are from your Black and White days of engineering. As is the case with people with colonial hangover, fair skin always seems that much more beautiful

Today while I was at the Cafeteria, a small incident happened which I believe is worth pondering over( at least for myself).

While I was waiting to give my order, an exchange student who was standing ahead of me was thinking over her order. I just moved ahead and placed mine. She was visibly offended. I didn't understand why.

For me that didn't seem to be breaking any code of conduct whatsoever. It makes that much more sense to finish my work when you are holding up mine and are neither using it yourself.

 I was like "Miss, think over your order while I place mine in the meanwhile"

However, after probably 15 seconds, I realized the cultural difference and thought probably(PROBABLY) it was wrong to do so in their culture.

Am I accepting my mistake???. Not at all. Culture thing aside, speaking purely in terms of making things simpler for everyone, I don't see anything wrong with What I did. However, I'am tolerant towards the fact that she was offended and I'am not offended by the fact that she was offended.

In the past few days, I have started to realize the importance of these HR Subjects. They seem so GLOBE anyway but do have a lot of truth and if implemented can be great to your social and professional interactions.

Shit aside, The proudest feat I achieved in 3 months at IIM Ahmedabad is that I saw 13 films in the past 10 weeks in theatres. The feeling of surprise i see in people's faces when I say so is worth losing a few grades for.

1. God - Like teachers.
2. Discipline: The discipline it inculcates is unimaginable. Me, just missing 1 class out of 171 classes so far is the sort of discipline this place brings about. Harsh but I am not complaining.
3. Tremendous Learning experience especially the HR courses though iam screwing them up.
4. Excellent minds around
5. Bonding among dorm mates
6. single room
1. No Cricket
2. No Bakchodi sessions like in my undergraduate college
3. No time for writing Blog
1. The constant desperation in everyone to so appear an Intellectual
2.Placement and Internship focused approach

What helped me here
1. Minding my own business
2. Doing things under discretion and not compulsion
3. Talking only as much load as I can bear
4. Not bothering too much about result and just chilling in general

Areas where Improvement required
1. Cleanlisness
2. Talking and Interacting with very few people
3. Spending too much time on FB

Thats it for now. Sorry for the Random post. Just wrote it to get back to the habit of writing and dusting off the cobwebs

will do much better work next time. Please do not forget to comment what u liked/disliked or any general comment

Friday, September 16, 2011

India(North) Vs India (South)

As many of you did, I recently came across "An Open Letter to Delhi Boy" by Ms Shahana Nair Joshi. It was a brilliant, witty, stereotypical racist joke on a particular community, in this case Delhites( Punjabis to be More specific). I felt it was humourous and personally felt nothing offensive though i felt that the language was too harsh for a public outburst in a private domain, as in this case A BLOG.

Being from the South myself, i was in for a cultural shock when i visited Delhi for the first time. I can quite relate to what the author was saying pretty, much sums up my opinion about the same. Even i cud not understand as to 1.Why one should fall (prostrate)at the feet of anyone elderly 2. Why one should not eat Non Veg on Tuesday 3.Why People play loud music with Big Speakers 4. Why people pour coloured water on you inspite of you not being interested in Holi 5. Why every modern Girl is a Slut and Why every seedha girl was a behenji 6.Why one should not say TERI in front of parents but can greet "Oye Behenchod" for no apparent reason.7. Why eating with Hand was a crime 8.on why the language of south was Madrasi and all the southies madrasi
A host of other cultural shocks.

But personally i didn't feel offended by any of these things any time, i felt it was an oppurtunity to accept that other cultures also exist. All cultures are not like my own, there are different cultures out there each strikingly different from my own and having equal right to be present in this world. That didn't however stop me from sharing the occasional Racist Joke with my Telugu friends, ridiculing other cultures( a bit of racist in everyone). But i guess it is called racism if it is out in the open. My personal belief says, there are only two kinds of people in the world............1. People who are racist 2. People who dont show that they are racist

Having said that my disregard to a few cultural aspects of other cultures haven't stopped me from forging interesting( if not long lasting) friendships.

For ex: Digvijay Singh, with whom i have the Usual Delhi Bashing fight with.
Kaustubh Bijalwan, whose ethnicity, i dont know as yet
Suman BIHARI kumar, who spells Shah Rukh Khan as Saa Ruk Khan

These 3 are just to name a few, and we dont agree on many counts..........Digvijay ridicules my south film fascination just as i ridicule his DELHI roots

I dont agree on a lot of counts with a host of other people, but that doesnot stop me from making new aquaintainces(dont know if thats the right spelling).

i loathe Rajma Chawal, have no liking for sarson ka saag and the punjabi cuisine in general,cant stand babbu mann, make fun of the"Flaunt it" attitude

But iam willing to accept the fact that not many people like my(or other southies) 1.Film fixation 2. geeky nature 3.cold attitude 4.Lack of fun 5. coconut oil 6. dark skin 7. idli dosa 8. eating with hands 9. speaking an alien language etc

Just as i have every right to dislike and ridicule, i do accept the fact that even they do and probably even i wud had i been in their shoes.

So i believe that RACIST is there in everyone of us. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It's very natural to expect we are on the right track and everyone else is a fool. saying that "we are not racist" is a lol joke, everyone is a racist. But i guess it is called RACISM only if u want to enforce it,which probably u shudn't be doing.

There is reason as to why every culture is the way it is. The South being unaffected by any invasions, the people are much less aggressive in general and the north being invaded so many times needed valour and aggression to defend their identity . Factors like these have shaped a region's identity.

Yes, i do not accept , infact ridicule other cultures.......but iam willing to accept the fact that they have every right to exist just as any other. The racist never lies dormant you see

I think the best way forward for humanity is to either be united as ONE (Impossible) or to be divided into individuals(possible). If the society is fragmented into units as small as individuals we wud have far lesser problems than as groups.

The power of self centered thinking will help man progress much more than what group/community based thinking does.

I finally sign off by saying that stereotypes dont exist without a reason and the Girl's description of a typical DELHI BOY stereotype was to the perfect and accurate as other stereotyped descriptions i see of Bongus,Chinkis,Gultes,Mallus and Gujjus.

But the point is dont let it come in way of your everyday life..................Feel free to disagree but dont be foolish to speak out( like that girl and me)

P.S: I loved that girl's inhibhited care free nature. Good or Bad ,she spoke her mind. A quality lacking severely in today's women.Girl's please try to be like her because

Intelligence is the new SEXY

Friday, June 17, 2011

My first Love/Infactuation/Attraction story

Since most of you know,iam a serious advocator of LOVE IS BULL SHIT,HORSE SHIT campaign and that i openly/secretly critisize PDA(public display of affection)and make ROFL comments about LOL couples,it might be surprising to see that iam writing such a blogpost. This idea was given by my very good friend Ankit Srivatsava and Suman Kumar.Infact they told me to write my love story which might be the ROFLEST story you ever heard,bcoz it is not a love story,infact there is no love, but comedy ending in tragedy.........most people like my room mates and few juniors also know that LOL story and it is a matter of great ridicule.It is one thing iam not proud of but dont regret it as well.

So iam rather writing about some events that what normal people would call love but i prefer to call it imbalance of emotions,that temporarily relaxes the mind and givs relief and something which is a SWEET NOTHING.It is definitely not Love,i know it because iam not one of those fools who fall in love every time they see a beautiful girl or every time some one talks in a friendly manner.It is just what You call a DISTURBANCE.

as i write this it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to procede further because,i have always written about others,from my perspective..........when my own eyes have to keep an eye on myself and give their perspective,it is difficult.

I must be about 14 years old,just when the moustache starts appearing and you dont know whether to shave it or not.The time when You start to stare at movie posters a little longer than usual,to have a better view of what the heroine has to offer,when you hear weird stories from friends and try to make out from that How children are actually born.......a time which confuses all the while,but still enjoyable,the fun in being half knowledge,trying to understand various things,understanding them wrong etc.....It was all that time.

Anyway i wudnt give much details because that wud make it evident who she was,but the good thing is she is not in my fb list,orkut's frnd list etc.So i can be a bit more open.

Anyway when i first saw this girl,nothing happened,because i dont know what happened,just felt like seeing a bit longer but not like the heroine in movie poster.It was more like SEEING HIMALAYAS A BIT LONGER,nothing to do with lust,just pure appreciation of simplistic beauty without craving for enjoying it.It was like the famous dialogue from Telugu film TAJMAHAL CHOODATANIKE,VUNDATANIKI KAADU(taj mahal is for us just to see,not to live inside).I realised i was staring longer than the social protocol but no one noticed. I went to my seat and started appreciating her even more.

Now girls are of two types,who continue to be beautiful after they talk,who look ugly when they start talking.She was of the third type,rarely talked.The lessons of Indian History,Gas laws,poems in telugu never disturbed me because i was already disturbed.

I never noticed her talking EXTRA,or talking more than required.She spoke just how much was required,as if she measures each word before talking and sadly i never featured in requirements and thats mostly because i talk less than required with strangers.I appreciate myself for one thing,that in such disturbing times,it is easy to lose hold of one's own self and purpose.But i always was the Most organised one,finishing everything before time and being always/mostly first.I cherish that fact that i didnt lose grip on my life.It went on as before.

We are coming to the end of the post,because i dont have much to say.During the 6 months i saw her,all that ever happened was i was more dumbstruck than the previous day and the way she carried herself was very graceful.It commanded respect.I probably talked to her once and that conversation went for 6 secs

Describing her beauty is not my cup of tea.I read many blogposts which describe someone as river,snow,hair like the night sky etc etc etc..........but i never read completely because poetic descriptions bore me(unless i use them).To say in one word,she can be the model of cosmetic company with applying any of them.

And thats it..............the story of my WHATEVER YOU CALL IT................i saw many girls and i see everyday and Most of them with lust filled eyes,some of them with curiosity and very few with respectable appreciation.SHE WAS ONE OF THEM.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Recently I came across the news that Some IIT-M undergraduate had committed suicide for the reason that his Project was incomplete and his degree would be extended for six months.He had left a facebook message for his friends saying something which meant 'I TRIED BUT LOST'.I feel sorry for his friends and family and may God give them strength.I dont know what feelings i have towards the guy because I dont empathise with him,at the same time i dont hate him because THE MIND sometimes does very strange things and for that split second it may lead you to do anything from MURDER to RAPE TO SUICIDE.If only he had thought for that extra fraction of a second.

That is not the crux of my blogpost.After the death of the student,many students,parents etc etc condemned the IIT education system for it being Super tough and stressful.Fair enough.Had it not been for his suicide,if he had got a great job or found out something great,the same strata of society would have been heaping praises about him and the IIT system,saying that it pushes students beyond their limits,and that is the reason for this boy's success only here it was beyond any limit.As i told you,if only for that extra split second.

So, is it really the IIT system that is responsible. But i see that happening in regional colleges.OK,so college is responsible.I see that happening in schools as well.Ok education is responsible.I see lovers committing suicide.Clearly there is no generalisation as for the reason.
But I see a parallel.Most committing suicides are Youth.

This is where i see suicides as a failure of society as a whole. The first in the line of firing are parents. I see parents who scold their children for getting a 95 in Maths and not a 100,and by scolding i mean real harsh.What that sort of scolding.bashing,repeatedly stressing does to a child/teenager is IT TENDS THEM TO BELIEVE THAT IT IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL AND THERE IS NOTHING BEYOND THAT IN LIFE.As in the above case it was JOB AFTER PASSOUT.

Every Dog who knows that Iam an IITian asks me HOW MUCH SALARY DO IITians get.Some people say to me You are an IITian. People will form queues infront of your house to offer their girls in marriage.Some people say DO IAS.You will get a lot in dowry.


all this stems from the attitude of people in exaggerating success beyond it's worth and dissecting failure beyond it's impact(read again,i think it has a lot of meaning).

On the flip side one may ask,it's the basic human nature and society can't and probably wont change that.People have to fight against the conditions than ask to change them.This is where i think the role of parents come in.Because PARENTS ARE NOT SOCIETY,PARENTS ARE YOU.So,it is the duty of parents to say to children LIFE IS NOT AS DIFFICULT AND SUCCEEDING IS NOT HALF AS IMPORTANT AS THE ABILITY TO FACE FAILURE.

Whether parents will change or society will change or will individuals change.............I DONT KNOW.

But i request everyone to think for that extra split second............

P.S if i start acting strangely,show me this blogpost.........because no mind is strong enough at all times to face it's own tricks

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saas-Bahu quarrels,Senior Junior ragging,Birthday parties

The title seems to be strange at first sight with no apparent relation with any of the above 3 situations with each other,but the greatest philosopher alive(by default,thats me) has noticed a strange behaviour of the human psyche common with all these three events.Now let us start with what prompted me to start this topic.

I have been met with many questions as to why iam against parties.This is an answer.

Yesterday was one of those usual lazy saturdays that started of for me at 12 noon.Without brushing my teeth,i had my lunch,came back and then brushed my teeth and was watching some movie on laptop.Then one of my good friends said they were all going to chandigarh as he along with 10 others was throwing a party.....He and I both knew I was not going to come as I had taken a vow that I will not attend any parties and will not throw any parties to either celebrate success or overcome failure...... but still he asked me as a matter of convention .Many asked me the reason for that as to why i took that vow to which I gave no one a proper reason,but i will list all those reasons in the end.So as usual i dint go with them but went to chandigarh nevertheless eo watch RAKHT CHARITRA(after all Ramu's comeback film) and came back all by myself.Mind you its a very good film,do watch it.

So i came back and started watching my film on the laptop.Ny the time the movie finished the party returned..............So now it was time for to how much was the bill at KFC,DOMINOS,etc etc................who paid how as far as statistics went
30,000INR total expenditure
6500INR for movie tickets
23500INR for food,drinks etc.............

so each party thrower had to pay 2900INR towards this event.Iam not going eo write here the reaction of the hosts as that would mean evasion of privacy and confidentiality but let me tell you my opinion on the whole episode

Each head ate for 350INR and the worth of each ticket is 100INR............leaving the movie ticket thing aside

each person ate for Rs350,So normalizing everything it implies each person ate an 8pc chicken bucket and for those who have not eaten it so far,let me tell you even the monster called Sreeram can't do it without stuffing his oesophagus.

Why iam saying all this calculation is when i go out with people for dinner(each paying his own share),people hardly eat for more than rs 150 and assholes like me eat for 200rs max be it KFC or Hotel sahil or LILY's.

So eating for Rs 350 implies either starvation or something else
Starvation is out of context,so i began searching for reasons.

Then i came to the conclusion that the answer lies in the human psyche itself.Average party goers mentality
1.It is coming for free,so stuff as much as you can,once in a month oppurtunity
2.Iam not paying the money
3.Lets take the costliest one.
4.All these buggers ate like garangutans on my birthday,so lets load him as well

Of all these i would like to highlight the last one,i think that aspect of human psyche is common to ragging and saas bahu sagas as well.

We respected our seniors,we did all that was told, so our juniors should do the same
We respected our saas,we did all that was told, so our bahu should do the same

humans feel it is their time to win from the other side of the game and this for me shows deep rooted sadism.So now the reasons i dont give parties is

1.I value money, both mine as well as others.So i wont load anyone and i dont want anyone to load me.
2.Iam not so rich to throw parties worth 3000rs everytime.
3.I hate to entertain people whose main aim is to load just for the only reason that IT IS FREE.
4.People who think twice for drinking a coffee worth rs 5 in fuelzap,if they dont think once before drinking a coffee of rs 110 at some posh hi fi bakery,i see no reason why i shud pay that bill

Note:Though the criticism does not refer to everyone,i stand by the general nature of criticism

And iam not a person washed by milk(doodh se dhula)my character is even worse and i will write abt them in the next post

Great person is not the one without shortcomings but the one who does not fear to accept them-sreeram(just felt like it)
ex-mahatma gandhi

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh ji .......suniye..................Haan ji foot

Just a few days back,i was on my usual late night debating session with some of my friends. We generally take about a lot of shit right from food in the mess to common wealth games.Then someone started the topic of marriage(natural,for a gf starved lot),and after a whirlwind of things being discussed the topic came to the qualities expected in your wife.Since most of you know the people in our hostel,iam not revealing their names but this is what he had to say...........

IITian 1: My wife should be beautiful,respect my parents and me(parivaar ka khyaal rakhna crap) and be a house wife.

sreeam: Why housewife?

IITian : I dont like women going around and working,it looks odd to me

Sreeram:Why does it look odd to you?

IITian:Dont know ,whenever i think of women i remeber kitchen,children,cooking....earning is for the men lot.

He also added that he would not like it if his wife called him by his name..........he wanted his wife to refer to him as "oh ji............haan ji"etc kinda usual shit.

Now lets go to IITIAN 2

IITian 2: I would not mind if my wife is working.......but she should not be earning more than me because that will make me lose control over her........I want her to be under limits set by me and you can't do that when she earns more.And moreover i will lose respect in my community.

Now there were lot of other comments put in by others,some like the above two,someone against it,some in between and so on.........

But I want to highlight the following above two comments
Both are IITians,the best brains in the country.............But still they could not accept the fact that wife/women in general is no way inferior to them.

Actually i wanted to highlight the gender bias but an doing this through the concept of Wife...........

In India however forward we become economically,we still lag behind in our social stature...............Of course our epics and whatever was written even before 100s of years respected the woman but they typecasted and stereotyped the Indian woman,so anyone faltering from the path is termed SLUT or randi.

A seedha saadha girl is termed innocent and backward and a modern girl with rebellious views is called A BITCH by this society.

Our society has set boundaries for woman and anyone crossing that boundaries is an outcast

Even in BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM parminder nagra(jasminder aka jess) while speaking to a photo of beckham questions...........Why is it that girls should return back home early for help and boys needn't,its so unfair

some more dialogues from the same to highlight this issue

"who would want a daughter in law who kicks football all day and can't make round chappatties"
I mean are woman entities being prepared for an exam called marriage or something....DONT THEY HAVE GOALS....ASPIRATIONS............LIKES...............DISLIKES

Its high time we give woman their due and make them enjoy freedom as much as the boys do.the freedom should be in limits based on situation and not gender

AND FOR GOD'S SAKE NO "HAAN JI BOLIYE" and "oh ji suniye" crap again