Thursday, September 13, 2012

Extremely Random Post

As I write this line, I have no idea what I intend to write about. I almost messed up 2 off my exams today and have 4 in the next 2 days. But off all days I chose today to make a comeback to my blog. My life has been quite happy actually from since time immemorial. Since, I don't get excited and depressed for small things and I haven't done any big thing so far, it has looked good.

The exchange people have come and campus has become all the more colorful especially if you are from your Black and White days of engineering. As is the case with people with colonial hangover, fair skin always seems that much more beautiful

Today while I was at the Cafeteria, a small incident happened which I believe is worth pondering over( at least for myself).

While I was waiting to give my order, an exchange student who was standing ahead of me was thinking over her order. I just moved ahead and placed mine. She was visibly offended. I didn't understand why.

For me that didn't seem to be breaking any code of conduct whatsoever. It makes that much more sense to finish my work when you are holding up mine and are neither using it yourself.

 I was like "Miss, think over your order while I place mine in the meanwhile"

However, after probably 15 seconds, I realized the cultural difference and thought probably(PROBABLY) it was wrong to do so in their culture.

Am I accepting my mistake???. Not at all. Culture thing aside, speaking purely in terms of making things simpler for everyone, I don't see anything wrong with What I did. However, I'am tolerant towards the fact that she was offended and I'am not offended by the fact that she was offended.

In the past few days, I have started to realize the importance of these HR Subjects. They seem so GLOBE anyway but do have a lot of truth and if implemented can be great to your social and professional interactions.

Shit aside, The proudest feat I achieved in 3 months at IIM Ahmedabad is that I saw 13 films in the past 10 weeks in theatres. The feeling of surprise i see in people's faces when I say so is worth losing a few grades for.

1. God - Like teachers.
2. Discipline: The discipline it inculcates is unimaginable. Me, just missing 1 class out of 171 classes so far is the sort of discipline this place brings about. Harsh but I am not complaining.
3. Tremendous Learning experience especially the HR courses though iam screwing them up.
4. Excellent minds around
5. Bonding among dorm mates
6. single room
1. No Cricket
2. No Bakchodi sessions like in my undergraduate college
3. No time for writing Blog
1. The constant desperation in everyone to so appear an Intellectual
2.Placement and Internship focused approach

What helped me here
1. Minding my own business
2. Doing things under discretion and not compulsion
3. Talking only as much load as I can bear
4. Not bothering too much about result and just chilling in general

Areas where Improvement required
1. Cleanlisness
2. Talking and Interacting with very few people
3. Spending too much time on FB

Thats it for now. Sorry for the Random post. Just wrote it to get back to the habit of writing and dusting off the cobwebs

will do much better work next time. Please do not forget to comment what u liked/disliked or any general comment


Sekhar said...

Awesome!! My thoughts indeed ... but really well put

Manikaran Johar said...

Sums up everything pretty well :-)

Praveen Edla said...

Rei mari intha Random. ekkada start chesi ekkada end chesav ra.