Friday, June 17, 2011

My first Love/Infactuation/Attraction story

Since most of you know,iam a serious advocator of LOVE IS BULL SHIT,HORSE SHIT campaign and that i openly/secretly critisize PDA(public display of affection)and make ROFL comments about LOL couples,it might be surprising to see that iam writing such a blogpost. This idea was given by my very good friend Ankit Srivatsava and Suman Kumar.Infact they told me to write my love story which might be the ROFLEST story you ever heard,bcoz it is not a love story,infact there is no love, but comedy ending in tragedy.........most people like my room mates and few juniors also know that LOL story and it is a matter of great ridicule.It is one thing iam not proud of but dont regret it as well.

So iam rather writing about some events that what normal people would call love but i prefer to call it imbalance of emotions,that temporarily relaxes the mind and givs relief and something which is a SWEET NOTHING.It is definitely not Love,i know it because iam not one of those fools who fall in love every time they see a beautiful girl or every time some one talks in a friendly manner.It is just what You call a DISTURBANCE.

as i write this it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to procede further because,i have always written about others,from my perspective..........when my own eyes have to keep an eye on myself and give their perspective,it is difficult.

I must be about 14 years old,just when the moustache starts appearing and you dont know whether to shave it or not.The time when You start to stare at movie posters a little longer than usual,to have a better view of what the heroine has to offer,when you hear weird stories from friends and try to make out from that How children are actually born.......a time which confuses all the while,but still enjoyable,the fun in being half knowledge,trying to understand various things,understanding them wrong etc.....It was all that time.

Anyway i wudnt give much details because that wud make it evident who she was,but the good thing is she is not in my fb list,orkut's frnd list etc.So i can be a bit more open.

Anyway when i first saw this girl,nothing happened,because i dont know what happened,just felt like seeing a bit longer but not like the heroine in movie poster.It was more like SEEING HIMALAYAS A BIT LONGER,nothing to do with lust,just pure appreciation of simplistic beauty without craving for enjoying it.It was like the famous dialogue from Telugu film TAJMAHAL CHOODATANIKE,VUNDATANIKI KAADU(taj mahal is for us just to see,not to live inside).I realised i was staring longer than the social protocol but no one noticed. I went to my seat and started appreciating her even more.

Now girls are of two types,who continue to be beautiful after they talk,who look ugly when they start talking.She was of the third type,rarely talked.The lessons of Indian History,Gas laws,poems in telugu never disturbed me because i was already disturbed.

I never noticed her talking EXTRA,or talking more than required.She spoke just how much was required,as if she measures each word before talking and sadly i never featured in requirements and thats mostly because i talk less than required with strangers.I appreciate myself for one thing,that in such disturbing times,it is easy to lose hold of one's own self and purpose.But i always was the Most organised one,finishing everything before time and being always/mostly first.I cherish that fact that i didnt lose grip on my life.It went on as before.

We are coming to the end of the post,because i dont have much to say.During the 6 months i saw her,all that ever happened was i was more dumbstruck than the previous day and the way she carried herself was very graceful.It commanded respect.I probably talked to her once and that conversation went for 6 secs

Describing her beauty is not my cup of tea.I read many blogposts which describe someone as river,snow,hair like the night sky etc etc etc..........but i never read completely because poetic descriptions bore me(unless i use them).To say in one word,she can be the model of cosmetic company with applying any of them.

And thats it..............the story of my WHATEVER YOU CALL IT................i saw many girls and i see everyday and Most of them with lust filled eyes,some of them with curiosity and very few with respectable appreciation.SHE WAS ONE OF THEM.


Priyanshu Raj said...

nicely written rama! especially the description of teenage was very nice.

Ankit Shrivastava said...

well define Description of love 'Imbalance of Emotions" , may ur blog will help so many AASHIQs who think that they r in so called TRUE LOVE .
BTW wt she's doing now??

dhawal said...

nice one rama.. the careless description of her beauty is bery good..
"she could be the face of all cosmetic brands wothout applying any of them" :)
.....but yaar u shud hav written hw the story ended... all the book part,etc.... that wud hav given the post more masala content(as put in ur words)

anjali said...

if u r talkin abt dat girl den..i think she is doin her engg final yr in hyd. nd nt nly dat she is also a sdipa instructor nw nd yes she is soon gonna be the face of a cosmetic brand.
these r all life's mysteries... and as osho says life means to move on... and she has...anyways all d best...

the modern sanyasi said...


I dont know which girl are you talking about but as far as I know, she is not doing engineering