Saturday, April 17, 2010


I consider myself completely unracist,i judge people by the content of their head and not the colour of skin or place of birth.This is done purely on individual basis.But when one has to judge a group in particular like say Asians,americans,punjabis,bengalis you generally take into account the general tendencies of all the people,like taking xf(x)dx over the whole real axis and finding the mean tendencies(cant help it,too much probability this semester).So when that is done the views expressed might sound racial,but since that is not being done on an individual basis,i think it does not account to racism,but if u prefer to think so,yes Iam a racist.

Now why did i want to write about this.The simple reason is i got frustrated with a few people over the past few months.When i tried to find out the common features they predominantly belonged to 2 sets of people.Since i have experienced the wrath of only these two sets so far let me discuss only these two groups.1.PUNJABIS
2.SOUTH INDIANS(predominantly from andhra pradesh)

PUNJABIS:They are too honest and their over honesty and the lack of diplomacy is what irritates me the most.Personally i dont think this lot believes in what is called personal space and individual freedom.Like say if some person is my friend,he should do whatever i say since iam his friend.Its like people are taken for granted.Theres loud music until late in the night if your family member is getting married and thats why the whole town should not sleep,so forget sleeping the night your neighbour is getting married.They think with their heart and thats why they are very emotional and aggressive.If you dint ever have the chance of seeing a street fight in punjab,you have missed a great action sequence,the masala equivalent of this episode is higher than magadheera,pokiri and wanted put together.And i just dont get the point of using behen..od,madarch.d just for the sake of it.i mean they have lost their significance and are no longer treated as abuses but treated as a way of referral just like "hey sreeram come here"="behench.d idhar aaja".These abuses no longer insult you and the purpose of their creation is being destroyed.

I consider this lot to be religiously very active(read fanatic) but that should be none of my business as its a personal option but what iam trying to say is if some person has died in vienna why do you stop trains in amritsar.(ya it happened recently).The richest person in nellore wont be celebrating his marriage half as grandly as a middle class person in punjab(spend thrifts) but thats again none of my business.

But the people have an extreme honest attitude and i respect them for that.They are extremely hardworking lot and i see no way in which they can harm somebody.Atleast i think they are better than the next lot.

Since i,myself am a south indian initially i could not notice the drawbacks of this lot,because you can only find the negatives if you are not one among them.If you asked my punjabi friends they will tell you what a big bore they can be.Firstly they are a big bore(does not include me because iam above trivial things like race ,caste ,religion and nationality)and i believe are not open to new ideas.they loathe adventure and are too self disciplined and even thats a show off.highly hippocritic and overly sincere and hate change.

They live by rules or so they say,are too diplomatic to my liking.infact if two telugus meet for the first time,the question that would be lingering in their minds is "what is this fellows caste".If i go back home the questions most of my relatives would be asking is"are there any people from andhra pradesh(now that does not include telangana i guess)","do you get our food(rice ,sambhar,rasam,papad,avakaya(a kind of mango pickle)"

Some would even go to the extent of asking is there any good looking girl from our caste(you might have understood why).i feel like ripping apart the brain of theirs.What did god make that with.They hang out in small,isolated groups and dont socialise with people from other sects.And if your professor is a southie forget about him being friendly,he would set the toughest exams and give the lowest grades and some of them would love to see their students fail(most of you might know whom i am referring to)

though these are just stereotypes,they are true nevertheless,iam not saying everyone is like the same but iam saying its a mean tendency

and please dont abuse me for this racial abuse of various sects.its just an opinion and for creating gentle humour.