Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yeah,you heard it right,i dare anyone to say Rajni kanth is normal.His life is the type fairy tales are made of.If there is one person whose life proves that rags to riches stories indeed come true,it is RAJNI KANTH.

RAJNI KANTH was born as shivaji rao gaekwad(his true name).he was a marathi born in bangalore.he was a carpenter who turned coolie turned bus conductor turned actor.

Who would have thought that this bus conductor from bangalore who does not know tamil would rule the industry in the next decade.Who thought this dark looking average man would influence the politics of Tamil nadu.Who thought in 15 years time,the then PRIME MINISTER PV NARASIMHA RAO would request Rajni kanth to join the congress.Thats Rajni kanth for you.

Currently the highest paid actor in ASIA after JACKIE CHAN, never dreamt of becoming an his own words he said"When i was a bus conductor i only had two wishes to be fulfiled.I wanted to buy a chetak vespa(a scooter) and have a packet of malboro always in my pocket.It is said passengers thronged into his bus just to have a glimpse of his style.the style with which he cut the ticket and gave change was the first taste of style from this man the public had.

If you never had the chance of seeing a RAJNI KANTH movie on a first day you have misses one of the most celebrated melas in INDIA.i have seen it.The 60 feet long cut out is bathed in milk and whisky,fans cut their fingers and put tilak on the cutout.And the tickets sold in black sometimes goes to as high as thousand times the original prize.No other film dares to get released in the same month.It is said a rajni kanths flop film will collect more than the next best heros blockbuster.he is a rage.Directors cannot 'kill off' his character in the movie for fear that the theatre will be burnt down to prevent future runnings of the movie by his 'crazed' fans who consider him almost a god. He is said to "explode like a tiger on screen".

There are fans who commit suicide when his film flops,there are some who cut their tongues if his film is a hit.

Behind all the success he enjoys is a man deep in thought.He probably is the only actor in India who comes into public sans any make up.he is bald,he is dark skinned but never afraid to show his true self.In his own words he had inferiority complex of being dark skinned as a child.but now he says if iam ashamed of my true self,there is no point in living.He is a very spiritual person

Once he had visited a temple in disguise of a beggar lest he would be woman mistook rajni for a beggar and gave him money which he took.when the woman realised after a few minutes he was rajni kanth,she went and apologised and asked him to give back the money as she dint want to insult him.Rajni replied"this is god's way of showing my true status in this world,iam a is gods way of grounding me and making me humble.he said through this god said"you minus your glamour are a beggar"

Rajni kanth gets the highest remuneration in india even more than the bollywood counterparts.RAJNI is restricted to the tamil and telugu industry predominantly which is about 1/3rd times of the bollywood viewers,but he commands 3 as much as them.

But the point to be noticed his it is said most (almost 75 percent) goes into charity.He wears simple clothes,the watch he uses is the one he is been using from the past two decades and the car is the one he first bought.the clothes on his body wont cost more than a few hundred rupees.

Many people say rajni kanths films are crap and his stunts defy laws of physics and joke about him.But i question people still enjoy those because he is RAJNI KANTH.its not about the stunts its about the person.if it was any other people wont accept it,but if it were rajni it must be true because rajni is no human.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


Going by the title of this post,dont have any misconceptions that THE BOY refers to me.I just put the title as it sounded good.This post is dedicated to many of my friends especially roomates whose inputs have been frank and very useful.Now I want to discuss the age old question.IS TO WRONG TO HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH YOUR FRIENDS SISTER OR YOUR BROTHERS FRIEND.

Just for fun when i asked my friends how they would feel if i had an affair with his sister the responses were varied.

1.Jaan se maar doonga
2.Its a sin,how can u cheat your friend.
3.Depends on whom she is having an affair with,a jerk like you,no way,i wont allow this
4.Its ok,its her and your wish,we cant force anyone.

All the persons i asked this question said even though they knew what they were doing is not right,when it comes to sister,they cant stand the thought of her having an affair.


So isnt his girlfriend somebody else's sister.So why does this thing which appeared right and correct to them in their girlfriend's case not applicable when his sister is somebody else's girlfriend.

Iam not acting like a saint.Even if I had a sister may be even i would have thought as my friends were.So what is it that comes in way of our thinking.

Is it because of the way we treat our women in our culture.Is it because we think our sisters are incapable of taking their own decisions.Is it because we dont want somebody to do those things to our sister that we do to our girlfriend.(I dont have one,i meant others)

I personally think its a mixture of all the above factors.It bites us when you come to know our sisters are somebody else's girlfriend.We want our sisters to be AMRITA RAO in VIVAAH,but want our girlfriends to be like KATRINA KAIF in RACE.

Its a concern for members of the family that the girl should not do anything against family pride.They dont want a situation like neighbours discussing her life.And in a country like ours,with the type of culture we are accustommed to,neighbours love love affairs in others houses.Gives them a masala topic to chitchat,like an MMS SCANDAL keeps tv channels buzzing with excitement.

So in INDIA,Where people take family pride and honous more important than family itself,this is exactly how it would be.

please comment on this issue,i know everyone would have a thing or two to say.

DISCLAIMER:In this post i have not hurt sentiments of anyone nor critisized anyone,i just said this exists in family of every person reading it,I and my family are no different,I was not trying to be judgemental.So if it hurt anyones sentiments in particular,please let me know personally.