Saturday, May 7, 2011


Recently I came across the news that Some IIT-M undergraduate had committed suicide for the reason that his Project was incomplete and his degree would be extended for six months.He had left a facebook message for his friends saying something which meant 'I TRIED BUT LOST'.I feel sorry for his friends and family and may God give them strength.I dont know what feelings i have towards the guy because I dont empathise with him,at the same time i dont hate him because THE MIND sometimes does very strange things and for that split second it may lead you to do anything from MURDER to RAPE TO SUICIDE.If only he had thought for that extra fraction of a second.

That is not the crux of my blogpost.After the death of the student,many students,parents etc etc condemned the IIT education system for it being Super tough and stressful.Fair enough.Had it not been for his suicide,if he had got a great job or found out something great,the same strata of society would have been heaping praises about him and the IIT system,saying that it pushes students beyond their limits,and that is the reason for this boy's success only here it was beyond any limit.As i told you,if only for that extra split second.

So, is it really the IIT system that is responsible. But i see that happening in regional colleges.OK,so college is responsible.I see that happening in schools as well.Ok education is responsible.I see lovers committing suicide.Clearly there is no generalisation as for the reason.
But I see a parallel.Most committing suicides are Youth.

This is where i see suicides as a failure of society as a whole. The first in the line of firing are parents. I see parents who scold their children for getting a 95 in Maths and not a 100,and by scolding i mean real harsh.What that sort of scolding.bashing,repeatedly stressing does to a child/teenager is IT TENDS THEM TO BELIEVE THAT IT IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL AND THERE IS NOTHING BEYOND THAT IN LIFE.As in the above case it was JOB AFTER PASSOUT.

Every Dog who knows that Iam an IITian asks me HOW MUCH SALARY DO IITians get.Some people say to me You are an IITian. People will form queues infront of your house to offer their girls in marriage.Some people say DO IAS.You will get a lot in dowry.


all this stems from the attitude of people in exaggerating success beyond it's worth and dissecting failure beyond it's impact(read again,i think it has a lot of meaning).

On the flip side one may ask,it's the basic human nature and society can't and probably wont change that.People have to fight against the conditions than ask to change them.This is where i think the role of parents come in.Because PARENTS ARE NOT SOCIETY,PARENTS ARE YOU.So,it is the duty of parents to say to children LIFE IS NOT AS DIFFICULT AND SUCCEEDING IS NOT HALF AS IMPORTANT AS THE ABILITY TO FACE FAILURE.

Whether parents will change or society will change or will individuals change.............I DONT KNOW.

But i request everyone to think for that extra split second............

P.S if i start acting strangely,show me this blogpost.........because no mind is strong enough at all times to face it's own tricks